" There is no sincerer love than the love of food "

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 This is our Story

Avoir La Peche is a French idiom which directly translates to “having the peach”. It means to be full of energy and in high spirits. The name was chosen because our company strives to be just that. We strive to deliver top quality products and services by using only the best quality ingredients to do so.


As a company we believe in growing the future of the catering industry by giving young individuals working in the industry the opportunity to learn from us. We believe in taking advantage of what these young individuals have to offer, by learning from them and by using their energy and drive to deliver top quality services to our clients.


Our staff are young and vibrant people who want to share their passion for food and for the catering industry with our clients to make their events memorable.  We are always trying new and exciting things and keeping up with new trends and flavours. Food is our passion and

we put the utmost love into everything we make.


We love being a part of special events and we love seeing how people come together to enjoy each others company while enjoying the delicious food we provide.

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